Sunday, July 22

You're a Pervert!

Suddenly remembered the very first time I got online - back when I was about 15 and only just hearing about this thing called the internet, and "surfing". And the first site I ever visited was... drum roll ... I doubt that site exists anymore. But still, what a thrill. What a singularly pathetic way to introduce oneself to the interweb.

Ah, well. Never denied I was a freak. Illi was with me. *points* It was his treat. I love the internet.


illicracker said...

Oh yeah. is defunct. I revisited it a couple of years ago and it is non-existent. You were the one who forced me to check out porn in a public cafe. We got caught perusing it. "Dili puede mag surf ug porn. Kung ganahan mo go to and search for Michael Jackson videos. Ok?" I should've said, I'm paying the hourly rate ok. Let me have some fun!

Nikka said...

oh, pfft. you wanted to see peen just as badly. excuses and alibis. hahaha!