Sunday, November 25

Headline Porn

We take things seriously when we say sex sells. Look at that hot mess. Sexy all around!

And then we have gems like this. Gay carnival worker. The visual image is priceless. Twenty stab wounds? They actually bothered to count. Amazing. That's journalism for you. They're unstoppable! It's the pursuit of truth, indeed. Side note: can one actually leave a slimy trail of flesh when one is crawling?


Watched Enchanted with Paulie and Abby yesterday. It's the most cringe-inducing, ridiculous, embarassing, funny movie I've seen in what seems like a very very long while.

James Marsden as a dashing, singing, prince is a crazy work of casting. But he brought such earnestness to the whole thing, and looked as if he actually didn't mind wearing that stupid-ass princely costume (he looked like he was wearing major shoulder pads). Swashbuckling on top of an NYC bus with poufy sleeves. He deserves whatever amount he was paid for this effort.

Speaking of getting paid, they had to have paid a bajillion to Patrick Dempsey for being willing to wear that atrocious prince-esque costume. I just felt like yelling at him to go back to Seattle Grace. Not working, Dempsey! We can see you cringing!

Maybe I associate him too much with his McDreamy alter-ego. He just looked uncomfortable. But then, maybe that's what he was supposed to look like. Imagine being some dour divorce lawyer suddenly confronted by an idiotic singing bimbo who believes in getting married after only knowing a guy after one day.

Props to Susan Sarandon for being the extremely wicked stepmother. Her boobs are still humongous. She looked like a drag queen. Loved it!

The whole thing was sugary to the extreme - and a load of fun times. It also made me realize how cynical this world already is. Everyone's a jade. No one believes in happily ever after. Which, sad as it can be, is rather true. You don't break out into song in Central Park. No one sings with you - unless it's a Bollywood movie or one of those things Viva Films come out with where Donna Cruz sings "Kapag Tumibok ang Puso" in the middle of some high school and whatnot.

Tuesday, November 20

In Utero

So it's your birthday and you get all the cake and presents. Your mother gets the achy back because she had to make spaghetti.

I've been giving it some thought and have realized that birthdays are unfair to mothers. On the one big special day, everyone remembers you were born - no one remembers how much agony your mother had to go through. The dilation. Placenta. The groggy aftermath. I'm not sure I want to be a mother at this point.

Monday, November 19

A Verry Merry Unbirthday

I had a good time yesterday - since I have to age a year today, decided to treat myself as a way of saying goodbye. There's just something about this whole getting old thing. It's depressing because it's time you can't get back. And wrinkles as a whole, really do blow.

It's nice to have friends. Much lurve to Lizzie Q. for taking me out to dinner - sweet! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had a great time. La Taverna was great. Suckling pig next time?

So I'm still thinking about possibly buying a pair of boots that will cost something hefty. Is it worth it or is it not? It could be my b-day and Xmas combined. I'm not sure.

I'm rambling so I should sleep. For everyone who wished me well today, thank you for remembering. I really was touched.

Headline Porn

So... they're happy they got abused?

These newspapers. They confound me.

Wednesday, November 14

Hermit the Frog

Where have I been, you ask? Holed up in my room all weekend, avoiding society. Watching House, MD - which is pretty fun. For all his gnarly scruffiness and bastardly ways, Dr. House is a straight-shooting, no-nonsense, intelligent sonofagun. Season 2 and counting! I love pirated DVDs.

Oh, and in other news finally got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows courtesy of Alex and He sent it all gift-wrapped and stuff. He is the sweetest thing on earth. I am SO GLAD i stayed away from the spoilers. I loved it. Couldn't put it down. I'd read it again in a heartbeat. All the drama and action! *Burp* Yummy. I'm not posting a review, I just wanted to rave about it.

Warehouse Family

Had a lot of fun last Saturday with galpal Kristine S., who was nice enough to finally drive me over to White Gold and Makro. Yes, I get my kicks by visiting grocery stores so huge they're warehouses. I actually do love grocerying. There's always something about wheeling a cart down an aisle overflowing with food, produce and canned tins. It's inspiring. (Yes, this is my therapy, aside from shoes.)

My current favoritest grocery store? The new Rustan's Supermarket. Basement floor, Ayala Center.

Anyway, White Gold. Brings back memories. The last time I was at White Gold was before it burnt down - I was ten, I think. I remember keeping an arcade game token from them. So they rebuilt the entire place and it apparently is still a department store although people go there mostly to buy groceries to stock the sari-sari stores. Major bulk. It was warm and a bit uncomfy, but good stuff. They're the only ones that sell this Eng Bee Tin, this really great maker of hopia. I love mongo hopia... oh no. Made in China. Squelch that thought.

Then we sped off to Makro, which is infamous for low low prices and major bulkage - there are no little baskets in that big warehouse. You have to drag a huge-ass trolley (so big you need to drag it behind you), which looks like it's built for stacking boxes on. After ogling just about everything, we settled for a small pack of marshmallows each.

... and... that was it. Yes, life is boring and there's nothing better to do except visit grocery stores. Word of advice: don't wear 4-inch high wooden wedges if you're going grocery shopping. Love your soles and shins.

Sunday, November 4

Time is Unkind

Spice Girls - Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)

Here's the Spice Women and their latest single and video. They never used to vie for the spotlight before, always preferring to stay in their own niche. One was sexy, one was cute, one was sporty, one was aggressive, one was loud. Now no one is loud and everyone wants to be the classy one. The whole thing is an exercise in "look at me, look at me." KSP out the wazoo.

Why is Ginger Spice the only one baring her stomach? Why is Posh Spice dressed like a bondage queen and voguing for all she's worth? Poor Sporty. Ten years, and she's still the least attractive. Baby Spice just had a baby and therefore can't slut it up yet. Ditto for Scary. They never should've disbanded so soon. This reunion was a bad idea.
Why can't it be 1997 all over again?

Opus of the Day

It's arrived! Here's Cletus and Imogen's first starrer. It's beautiful and a work of art, if I may say so myself. Just a lot of froggy love - it has to be shared with the world. Turn up the volume before you hit play. It enlivens the experience.

Friday, November 2

Headline Porn

Couldn't go without giving you all your daily dose. You know you love this shizz.

I have no idea how true this is, but I do know this reminds me of the puppy my gramma's houseboy said was called Pam-pam. I was twelve and had no idea. Despite my Uncle Gerry's efforts to convince everyone her name was Sophie, the damage had been done. She was known as Pam-pam till the day she kicked the doggy bucket. She lived up to her name, too. The neighborhood tramp - I lost count of how many puppies she birthed.

Soul Food

"This is life's ultimate cruelty; it offers us a taste of youth and vitality, and then makes us witness our own decay."
- Lisle Von Rhuman (Isabella Rossellini), Death Becomes Her
Happy All Souls Day to everyone - if "happy" is indeed the term. Found myself poking through the miscellaneous junk in my archives and came to a realization: I think I look like a brick house compared to last year. And last year, I thought I was fat. This is as timely as it can get. What better time to scare yourself into foregoing food altogether?

Yeah, and I look scary now. Time is a cruel thing. Age is even worse.

This depressed me so much, I'm drinking a glass of pineapple juice and calling it dinner and a night.