Friday, July 20

A Day With the Girls

So DJ and I spent the whole day yesterday happily letting go of cash. Yes, I know I'm a poor church mouse but even church mice get chances to defy poverty - retail therapy is a nice way of thumbing one's nose to whatever existing establishment. It's a "take that bitches!" hand on hip, two snaps, temporary high. Of course I'll starve next week.

Still, it made for a pretty full day. Shopping, bites to eat, fun times. It's nice to forget about the real world for a while and just live in the present. For obsessive types like yours truly, living in the now isn't something I can do all the time. My genetic make-up doesn't allow for it. I spend my time obsessing about the past, obsessing about the future, and obsessing about how right now will soon become my past, and what it's going to do about my future. *goes off to pop some pills*

So DJ got herself a brand spankin' new music player - plays vids, has picture albums, records convos, FM radio, combs her hair and does her makeup. All for a pretty good price. I am sooooo jealous! I want a player that plays videos. I want one. I want!

Anyway, it should be a fun time tonight - we're going to shake our respective bootyses like usual and hopefully everything will be okay. I don't know what I'm talking about anymore - being up for 24 hours and getting barely any sleep will do that to you.