Saturday, July 14

A Very Hairy Potter

I couldn't resist. Here's Daniel Radcliffe (also known as the guy who plays Harry Potter) doing his best leather twinkie impression. Yes, that's what the headline was talking about. Harry Potter has pubic hair, people.

He's so sexy. God what a thought. Now show me the armpits, Harry!

I guess he wants to break out of the stereotype. First he stars in Equus - about a sexually charged stableboy who gets nakey on the stage, and now this. By Steven Klein. It's working, old chap - this picture makes me think maybe you'll start busting out a big chrome dildo or something and waving it in the air like a magic wand.

Can't be easy to be known more for your movie alter-ego than for yourself. I don't blame him one bit. Except maybe it would be easier if he just held up a sign that says he masturbates and fantasizes about women.
Or get caught in a tabloid nuzzling some busty barmaid. Why subject us to this? It's like the death of a dream. No, Harry! Don't grow up!

(This comes out in the latest issue of Details magazine, don't thank me, you sickos.)

Oh eff it all. I don't care if Harry Potter has pubes, I'm still watching the movie! God I can't wait! Alex says it's a long movie. Two and a half hours, and advises me to visit the ladies room before I watch. Two and a half hours of Gryffindor, Hogwarts, Quidditch, magic, whee!!

*Toddles off happily*