Sunday, July 1

Guess Who's Back, Back Again

Here's Dawn Jay and I bringing on the hot in Shangri-la Mactan.

Yes, DJ's back in town, bitches! After a yearlong hiatus from the fuss and bother of La Sugbu, she's finally moseyed her way back to the big bad metropolis. As a teacher. Of biology (she's a bio major). To college students. They do not realize.

The terrible trio (Chuck, DJ and myself) celebrated by going to the Full Moon Party at the Shang last night. The venue may have been pretty and all, but the party was a letdown. It rained cows and chickens, there was no full moon in sight, and generally having a rainy party beachside is a bad idea. I know, I know, they didn't ask for it to rain. Anyways, we're not ones to waste a good venue for camwhoration, and the rest is history. I look like Amanda Lepore.

Since that party was a bust, we hied off to our old haunt, Vudu. Best time I've had in a while. It was just like old times again - great music, partying until 6AM and stumbling out just when people are riding jeepneys to church. What a blast. DJ more than made up for lost time. And I mean really made up for it. Mein Gott. Tut, tut. Mein Gott.

It's been a while since she's been here, and it's good to have her within walking, talking distance again. We've done a couple of brunches like sophisticated career girls would - nothing spells sophistication like chowing down at KFC - and we hang out when we can. I'm happy she's here again. A girl can always use whatever moral support she can get, and the more friends the merrier - especially in a big, uncaring, lonely city filled with otap vendors.