Saturday, July 7

I Should Be so Lucky

07-07-07 doesn't come around all the time, so I decided to dress it up and strut it at the mall.

Watched Transformers with Chucky, and was dozing off through 1/3 of it. I suppose it was exhaustion. I'd spent my whole weekend watching the entire Season 1 of Heroes (which is now one of my favorite favorite shows) and barely got any sleep, but still. Michael Bay ODs on the explosions again. Zzzz. Michael Bay. Zzzz. It's just crash, boom, bang every other minute, not to mention being totally distracted by the girl lead. I kept wondering what mascara she uses. And no one looks like that in high school.

This week was nothing special. I just feel sad. This "being an adult" thing is hard. Relationships are hard. The only reason I wanted to be adult was so I could wear lipstick and nail polish and heels... I couldn't wait to grow up. I couldn't wait to do the whole bf-gf thing either. Too much teen movies. Too many walking into the sunsets. Daisies and hand holding. Now that I'm where I thought I wanted to be, I realize I don't want to be here at all. The proverbial grass being greener over the septic tank, or whatever. Whatever it is, and whyever things happen, I just feel, suddenly, so damn old.