Tuesday, May 27

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Duffy - Mercy

I'm liking the song, even if she does sound like she's trying to wrest Amy Winehouse off the throne she sits on.

Monday, May 26

Your Mother


There's going to be one additional person added to the general population of the world within the next nine months, courtesy of my old friend Arvy Ybarola. Surreal - I've known this girl since high school and now she has another human being inside her! She's always been the first to do grown-up things.

And... that's all. I just wanted to announce that to the World Wide Web.

Sunday, May 18

Here's What You Can Eat for PhP36...

... at E-Diner, who jacked up their prices by Php2. I know people are starving in Mogadishu but this is ridiculous. PhP36 for this puny little serving? Upping the price AND downsizing the portions?! Scandal! This cannot be tolerated! Do not eat in E-Diner ever again! I wish I didn't have to eat there anymore but I'm a sucker for their sinigang. So I'm probably going to eat there again. And I'm probably going to hate myself for it.

Rice has been scarce, and people have been expounding on the irony so I'll skip the punditry. Food is expensive and so is gas. We've all fallen victim to the shortage, and are paying through very bloody noses just to stay alive and eat well. I wasn't surprised when establishments started jacking up the prices of their food.

In times like these, I remember whining to my mother for having only PhP5 for allowance. She in turn reminds me that they would be happy with 10 centavos back in the day. Then I wake up and have to pay for my breakfast, and it just makes me want to weep.

Achievements and Congratulations

Today I am happy to note the following:

The first ever class I handled all by my lonesome has now officially graduated! The birthing pains are over, and "Nikka's Hos" will hit the floor by tonight. Four weeks of toil, labor, castigations, laughter, ridiculousness and pizza. They will forever be my first babies. Great job, guys!

Elleser "Illi" Galleta, my best friend and proud member of the graduates of 2008 has also graduated. With honors from New York's School of Visual Arts, thankyouverymuch. He finished with a bang, part of the graduating class's Top Ten, (possibly) the only Filipino, and received an award for Fashion Photography. Dreams come true, boyfriend - go forth and conquer!

The MetroPost is a finalist in " all five categories of the weekly paper division of the Philippine Press Institute's Annual Community Press Awards." As the original home to (and willing instrument of) my original journalistic efforts, this paper will always have a place in my finicky heart. It's about time, biznatches! So amazing to finally get some recognition for the best paper in Dumaguete. The MP puts all other Dumaguete papers to shame, IMHO. No other local weekly is as well edited and laid out as the MP! Congratulations to Alex and Irma Pal for doing an awesome and amazing job.

Beachy Keen

It's here! The confirmation and photographic evidence that I am indeed one of the biggest fag hags on earth. It's an amazing honor to be surrounded by such grace and elegance!

Furthermore, in an updated beachy note - yes Dom, I heard your grumbling :) - check out some of the beach photos I was talking about. The Travel Trainers making themselves seen at the annual summer shebang. Special mention goes to my class "babies" (whom I have unofficially dubbed "Nikka's Hos") for giving me copies of the photos. Out in full force!

Monday, May 12

Beach Bunny

Spent the better part of yesterday hitting the beach with the rest of my work buddies. Yes, the annual summer outing of PeopleSupport. I ended up going because they made me. This is of course a weak and pathetic excuse - sometimes I find myself without a backbone, and I end up going because everyone goes.

Alright, fine, I wanted to. There. I said it. Scandal! Miss Nikka hits the beach after two years of studied avoidance!

I had a better time than I thought I would. It rained like a biznatch in the middle of the whole to-do though, but it wasn't so bad. There was a boatload of food (I think they were making up for the food shortage that happened at last year's Christmas Party), some fun music, and good times because the gay community was out and about!

It's always fun with the gay boys, girls and twinkies of PS. Strutting their stuff and making it rain. You know they can do it. Rain-making dances and all.

I'll write more about this when I have the time. In related news, I have finally validated the fact that I am the biggest fag hag on earth. Wait till I upload the picture of me camping it up in the middle of all the marvelously beautiful ladyboys. Coming soon!


Ne-yo's "Because of You" is my soundtrack of the day. Punctual! Shame on me. I must relinquish my crown as commercially brainwashed ho-bag, because this song is so damn yesterday it's embarassing.

I don't give an eff - this song is on neverending rotation on Mnemosyne right now. For the ones who aren't in the know, and you know who you are, Mnemosyne is my little silver poddie, who is currently encased in her ultra luxe white faux-leather casing. That thing is sexier than I am. Not saying much, I know.

Further irrelevant news: I read somewhere that Ne-Yo is gay. Represent, sister! Just don't end up like Jacko! Stop channeling the Jackson. You don't want to see the music video for his "Because of You" single. You could photo-shop Michael Jackson's face on his mug, and the transformation would be complete.

I still *heart* this song today.

Sunday, May 4

Stark Raving Amazing

Watched Iron Man today, my brother Luke in tow. Miss Paulie decided to grace the movie with his glittering presence as well, so it was quite the little outing.

I realized I didn't even see the trailer for this movie. I know! Unthinkable, in this day and age of YouTube and constant propaganda; I suppose I have been a little too busy these days. Still, I'd known Robert Downey, Jr. was to play Iron Man/Tony Stark; seen the leaked pictures from the movie. Never a big fan of Downey (I don't think I've ever seen him in a movie before), and I didn't like the idea that Gwyneth Paltrow was in the movie as well.

Glad I went though - it just flat-out rocked. Iron Man is now my favorite Marvel superhero movie of all time. Hands down. Downey is the hotness! The absolute hotness. And the man can act.

Luke was pleased and promptly advised me that the movie apparently stayed true to the story of Tony Stark and Iron Man. Even if I hadn't known that fact, I'd still be completely blown away. You all have to WATCH. IT. NOW!!!!

In other related news, my brother is in town for a tennis camp and will be staying for about a month. It's nice to have him around. Even if we don't see each other too often. It's debilitating, money-wise though; it's like paying double for everything I do. Like eat. But it's not everyday he's in town anyway.