Friday, July 27

Headline Porn

This is new. One out of five Filipinos is considered nuts? That's a pretty tight ratio. Scary, scary - did they mention a lot of those one-in-fives are currently in top positions all over the country? The rest are in the streets scratching their nuts in public. This is kind of funny until you stop and think. And then it gets depressing.

Ahahahahaah! Grossness. You never really appreciate being able to understand Cebuano until you read shit like this.

Ang Playboy disappointed me by not showing up on the street this week. I suppose it got snapped up before I got a chance to post it for posterity. Damn you, Ang Playboy! Now I'm addicted. I need my fix! Now!


illicracker said...

The tabloids you find are so hugaw it's hilarious!. I can't stop laughing about the headline about the tubig from the motel. Lu-od! It's not a surprise. Water in the metropolitan area isn't safe anyways. And who said that's the ratio of mga buang in the Philippines? Dr. Lombardo? Mga buang tang tanan wa pa ta naayo!