Tuesday, July 24

Fuss and Blather

Finally got around to uploading those pictures of last Friday's fun times. Nothing major, just a little food and drink - a little bit of wiggling the jigglies, fun was had by all, Chuck got trashed as usual, DJ went and flashed the cleave. Like I said, just another Friday night for bored twenty-somethings out on the town. We work hard to party hard. At least it's not drugs, eh?

(Sorry for the disappointed, no vajayjay today.)

Speaking of drugs, I had a major epiphany today; I am addicted to sugar. Yay, who give a rat's poo? So is every other depressed chick who isn't getting any. However this is my blog, and my epiphanies are important to myself, therefore I shall treat this as a major portent so you are going to excuse me for going on about random bulldung.

I had a horrible day. Everything that could go wrong did, and it seemed like each and every caller I had just had problems that weren't exactly run of the mill. At any rate, I wandered into a Mickey D's afterwards, feeling low. Ended up getting a McFlurry, for a quick pick-me-up and felt the high. What a lovely, pleasant kick. A spoonful of ice cream, and all is right with the world.

Oh no. I really should start saving for future liposuction. You know I'm going to look like this:

Stop me. Please.