Sunday, February 8

Bring Forth the Ark

It's raining sadness and worry for me right now because of reports that my beloved hometown is swimming with the fishes.

The great flood is washing away homes and rats, so my friends tell me. And that Lee Super Plaza (according to Dom's post) had to close at 5PM because the flood reached the counter?! This is not good. And I wish I could get in touch with my family but I can't because I don't even have a phone at the moment.

George reports there were rats the size of kittens hiding out under their car, trying to escape the flood. And that Buñao had water that was waist-deep, with diapers floating along and rats trying to keep on living. And that you can't see the benches in Freedome Park because it's submerged in water. I hope my family is okay.

Goodbye, Preciousss

Sneaky little Hobbitses up and carried off my Motorola L6 last Thursday! The filthy little thieves! We hates them, we hates them!

Sadness. Take a moment and help me mourn the death of a very good tech friend.

My preciouss is now officially lossst and I'm going to have to go on another quest to find a replacement. I started the quest earlier this afternoon and I'm going nuts trying to choose. It's so hard.

This is like having a bad break-up... I've had that phone number since time immemorial. It's the first sim I bought, and it's been eight years - forcibly taken away and now I have to start fresh. I'm still in mourning, actually. The separation sucks and I hate the knowledge that I'll have to spam all of you and ask for your phone numbers again.

Maybe it's a good thing I have Facebook.

Yes, the universe has plans for everything and this is probably life's way of screaming at me to get a new phone and a new phone number instead of procrastinating.

So the question is: Globe, Smart, TM, Talk and Text, Sun? What's it going to be? I'm comfortable with Globe, I wouldn't touch Talk and Text though. My latest children have been screaming their choices and they're almost unanimously Globe. Should I still stay with them? Their customer service sucks, big time. Like really sucks. Don't call Globe customer service unless you want an excuse to blow your top and have your blood pressure regulated.

Having lost my cellphone (and, subsequently, the method by which the outside world contacts me) is strangely liberating. I'd forgotten what it was like to not be so readily available. I'm not very sure if I like it at the moment. The silence is deafening.

Sunday, February 1

Headline Porn, Horrifically

On a sobering note, this has been making people crazywild all last week - and the madness just keeps going strong. A call center supervisor was found dead, her body stuffed in two garbage bags. She'd been stabbed 24 times. Crimes of passion.

Really, the only reason it's struck such a note is because the "mastermind" used to work in the account I work for, so a lot of people know her and the emails have been flying. It's surreal. I knew that girl, even sent a kudos email for her. It's very weird to see someone I know dominating the headlines. While the crime is horrible and ghastly, seeing work colleagues make the headlines has also made me think - have I been in this city too long?


I know, the fridge wasn't enough. Here's more craziness from the mecca you really need to visit. With lights!

Imagine the beauty of a single fat koi swimming (okay, wriggling in place) lazily around in that little tank right beside your laptop. It's powered by your laptop so you can't turn the thing off or the koi will die.

Don't let your koi die. It's therapeutic to watch fish. Remember the aquarium channel? This is loads more fun, I promise.

Just Chillin'

The bliss! The utter bliss! See, this is why I love CD-R King. I hate the queue, but I love the produce. I was holding my breath and waiting for the day they start selling kitchen sinks you can connect to your PC via USB, and thought it was never gonna happen. But no. CD-R King did me one better and showed me that wishes do come true:

Ahahahahahahaah!!! Feast your eyes on "the only way to keep your drink cold while you're at your computer!" Yeah, because you can't be bothered to drag your lazy fat butt out of the chair to visit the fridge. This is the future... we're all going to be stuck in our chairs facing our PCs, and everything will be connected via USB.

Here's the inside of this modern-day miracle. Isn't it wonderful, technology nowadays? We've gone from placing bottles in a running stream, to iceboxes, to this. You know you want one. You know you do.

Headline Porn

It's been a while since we've been graced by the yummy goodness of Headline Porn. I thought this was worth sharing, since I believe I lost hope when my favorite Ang Playboy just disappeared from the shelves... err... yeah, you know what I mean.

Isn't this a lovely example of responsible investigative journalism? Hataw is now my new Headline Porn source of choice. This is why we go to school! This is why we refuse to just pay for some fake-ass diploma. This type of hardcore journalism takes guts and dedication. Our future is bright.

Tissues are in the drawer to the right. Have fun.