Sunday, July 22

What Happens Next?

This is it.

The last, and final in the 7-part series. Will Harry die? Will Voldemort succeed? Will Ron and Hermione finally, finally get all that darned sexual tension out of the way and go all third-base on us?

Every time I see an article, any article, pertaining to the 7th book launch of the immensely successful
Harry Potter franchise, I close my eyes and scroll feverishly past. Yes, because I'm crazy like a fox. I would rather not chance an accidental spoiler - and you never know. So I close my eyes and scroll on to the next piece of news, because I would like to know the ending for myself, thankyouverymuch.

I've been burned before. No, Cybil, I will never forgive you for spoiling Book 6 for me. NEVER! How dare you read an e-book and tell me how it ended? The nerve, and utter gall. Never, you hear me? And woe betide anyone who spoils Book 7 for me. I will have your nuts. Or your ovaries. Whichever.

(Ironically, Book 6 is by far my favoritest fav of the series.)

Ahem. As I was saying, any article about the current launch, the hint of the word "review", and I'm outta there. I shall honor the book, its legacy and its writer and respect the hard work that went into the making of it. A good book is like a good dish. You savor it, word by word. Page by page. That's exactly what I intend to do.

God I want that book so bad. I wonder when I'll get to read it. No, an e-book is not an option. It insults the definition of the word "book". Nothing like cracking the spine and smelling the pages.

When do I get that darned book already?! Darn it. I wanna know what happens!

*chews on her fingernails*