Wednesday, July 18

Headline Porn

HAHAHAHAH! Can you imagine this being aimed at the people who work in LTO Dumaguete? Doing the happy face in that dingy, sorry excuse for a government office facing our local jailhouse. How can anyone even manage any vestige of happiness being stuck in that barn?

This little gem of an article goes on to say there'll be stickers that say "Smile!" stuck all over their cubicles to remind the people who work there to look happy. Or else. Suspension, or some such thing. Tell that to the bitch at the post office. *cough* Sure, that's gonna work. She needs more than a smiley sticker. That one needed laid, bad.

Here's a radical thought, higher-ups. Why don't you pay them more and put them in a place with air-conditioning. Wasting cents on "Smile!" stickers isn't worth squat. Money talks, so either pay up or shut up and put up with it. Can't blame a dame for being sour if the work is all about licking postage stamps and being underpaid, to boot.