Saturday, January 3

Holding On

Is there a cure? I don't want to do this! I have separation anxiety - if I were an editorial cartoon, I'd be a screaming little piglet with my nails (hooves?) dug into the island of Negros, kicking wildly while two hands drag me back to the island of Cebu.

I think this vacay has been way too long. I usually don't have a problem going back to big ol' La Sugbu, but it seems to be so hard right now. George says she gets it everytime she has to head back to work. I think it's because we end up getting used to life back home (it's way too easy!) and having to shift gears again and go back to what was is just so... tiresome.

Still, I have words of wisdom from Mishka, PS's resident socialite: just "drag yourself to the office and convince yourself that you love your job."

So that's what I'm going to do. Soon. I think.

The weather's certainly a great excuse to put it off. It's been so windy! It's dark and gloomy and I love it. I've always loved the cold. Georgie and I took a nice ambling walk through the streets of our hometown just a few hours ago. At 10PM. The great thing about Dumaguete is you can walk around at that time of night and not have people flagging you down, thinking you're prostitutes. It's also great to have relative peace from horny heckling taxi drivers. It's very relaxing. And therapeutic. Mostly because of the wind, really. And the fact that everyone's at home in bed watching Dyosa and other inane BS that gets shown on ABS-CBN.

I'm going to miss Dumaguete. I don't wanna goooo!


illicracker said...

How about convincing yourself that you are NEEDED at your job? Even though you may not love it (which is everyone's dilemma), you can always think they can't live without chuuuuu!