Sunday, January 4


Speaking of movies, I can't wait until that blasted MMFF is over and we're not force-fed stupid Tagalog flicks anymore.

The last time I watched a Tagalog flick was that Judy Ann-Piolo starrer, and I came out of it emotionally scarred. Never again. I can't do it. It's just... stupid. Spoonfed, sugary and stupid. Yes, we have some saving graces, but those are blips on a radar clogged with ridiculous wastes of time. Case in point: Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat. Another case in point: Iskul Bukol. When will this insanity end? Do we really need to sit through another round of shitty, meaningless schlock with aging comedians who have the same schtick?

If it's not some "comedy" it's something about an ugly person who ultimately becomes beautiful and lives happily ever after. Why do ugly people never live happily ever after in Tagalog movies/soap operas? Ugly people are only good for a laugh. We are slaves to the Disney myth: everyone must be happy, pretty and start singing.

I don't see it as snobbery. It's not colonial mentality. It's about being entertained. Entertain me! I am the hungry blood-crazed mob, and Ayala Cinema 1 is my Colosseum. They make us pay through the nose to watch flicks, and I'd like to get my money's worth, thankyouverymuch. Yes, I know. But I am a brainwashed consumerist (not proud of it, not ashamed of it either) and I make no pretensions. I don't really need the "deep" movies, the elegiac, prosaic, noirish stories that are spun - although I do enjoy some of them. Movies are an escape from the dreariness of real life; I like to forget about reality for a while.

I've seen some really good Tagalog movies - the Brocka's, Bernal's, even the Vilma Santos as Darna movies... but lately, they're all cut out of the same cookie-cutter, boring, predictable mold. Which is why Tagalog flicks just don't do it for me.


illicracker said...

These movies irritate me because they make money out of this asininity. If this is considered escapism to them because it's comedy then it's sad. But you have to understand this is what they lived with. I, however, don't accept any excuses. If the production design is awful then it is a downer.

Shrumster said...

Yep, with every year that passes the local industry keeps sinking deeper and deeper into the proverbial muck. Can't even remember the last time I willingly watched a local flick, and I HATE the fact that they steal an entire month of our lives every December trying to shove local films down our throats. It makes one want to click on that BitTorrent icon with relish.

Nikka said...

Illi: they only make money because people have nothing else to watch.

Shrumster: totally, dude. I think I've pretty much boycotted the whole thing altogether!

Anonymous said...

i wanna dance like that! woohoo!

Anonymous said...

oops. wrong window.