Sunday, January 11

Clockwork Orange

Lame, utterly useless story of the day: for some crazy reason I've been eating oranges for the past two weeks. Have to say they really are a great way to kick the nasty nasals - you know, when you've got that scratchy, drippy feeling in the back of your throat and the next day it turns into a runny nose. It's a newfound love! It's like opening your eyes and realizing that the thing you've ignored is actually a gem. Or something. Did that make any sense?

I've only just learned how to really, properly eat an orange. I never used to "eat" them, I'd just suck all the juice out and throw the pulp away. Looking back it's all so wasteful. I take pride in only leaving the rind and pips. They're really yummy. I'm having oranges in my future home 24/7; I think a fruit basket would be a colorful decoration. Not that I'm the best decorator on earth, but yeah.

So, an average orange has 62 calories and a ton of vitamins. Apparently you can burn of 62 calories just by sitting in a chair for 25 minutes. Yay!