Sunday, January 4

Movie Checklist of '09

You already know I've set aside some clams for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Seems like 2009 is going to be a banner year for great movies, because here's some of the potential hitz that are going to make me a lot poorer in the pocket this year:


Since I'll pay to watch anything with a shirtless and wet Hugh Jackman, this is a no-brainer. The gift that just keeps on giving! Playing to type, Ryan Reynolds is in this too - as mouthy mercenary Deadpool. Plus it has Gambit! Gambit's in it! Gambit's in it! Here's me doing my little dance of joy. Finally. I'm a little disappointed that he isn't played by Josh Holloway, but I'll save the griping until after the movie.


I'm watching this, just because it looks so darned cool. Except for the guy with the cape, who looks sorta like Hawkeye which is kinda gay.

And then there's this - they really are milking the graphic novel for all it's worth, but another example of being too cool to miss out on.

There's so much more that'll be fun to watch: Revolutionary Road, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Terminator: Salvation, Australia (hey, Hugh Jackman's in it and he's shirtless again). Hooray for 2009!


illicracker said...

These are all action CG flicks. What happened to you? When I used to watch these you didn't want to see it with me. Maybe your tastes have changed?

I used to be gungho with CG technology in movies pero karon I am done with it.

Nikka said...

that's because you've morphed into an artsy fartsy photographer with "refined taste."