Sunday, January 25

Socially Yours

I had an interesting conversation about sociopathic tendencies with my friends last week. Beneath our composed exteriors lie shades of sociopathy. I ended up wondering if that's what keeps us together as friends - our mutual dislike for society. Or the society we were in, really. (High School counts as a society.)

Oh, I'm not a sociopath. I just have minor tendencies, I think. Being a full-fledged sociopath entails having absolutely no conscience, single-minded resolve to subdue, and the ability to lie your way through life. I can't lie to save my life, and have a guilt-complex to boot. Sociopaths do not like people - to them, people are instruments, means to an end. The thing is, sometimes people bring it on themselves. It's really easy not to like people, society as a whole.

How do you contain the bile, when you see the stupidity that goes on in Friendster, for one thing? I have always maintained my distance from that site, having seen countless millions go glazed-eyed and succumb to the glitter, and photo ops, and the stupid comments, the adding people you barely know.

This is why I like Facebook. It just doesn't feel the same. As elitist as that seems, Facebook feels like a site for people who have more to do than worry about testimonials and glittery looking profiles.