Friday, January 2

A Hairy New Year

Bet you don't know that this guy played Johnny Cash. Joaquin Phoenix and all his hair would like to greet all of you a Happy 2009! I may not look like he does right now, but inside, I feel the way he looks. Gnarly to the maximum.

Way to go - this is my inspiration for getting thin. Even the hottest of the hot (okay, he wasn't that hot) can have slow days. Like this guy.

Maybe he's depressed?

Anyhoo, time for my yearly resolutions - which usually go down the "eff-it-all" drain - and of course top on the list is to.... drum roll... lose weight! Yes, I said this last year and I will say it every year because what the hey, it's one of the only things that I never manage to do. Not lose weight. Make resolutions, I mean. Wait, last year I resolved to eat nothing but oatmeal. That never came to fruition of course. There's a reason why oatmeal is the usual metaphor for the words "boring" and "bland". That's what it is!

But I'm learning. Goals must be SMART, after all:

S - specific
M - measurable
A - attainable
R - realistic
T - time-bound

With that in mind, I resolve to be at least 105 lbs. by April 2009 and hit the gym at least once a week. Lose the poundage! I will need to do this, or else it will be too late to stop mysefl from transmogrifying into Mrs. Potato Head.


Freakum Dress said...

girl KFC tah tala LOL

Nikka said...

mao ka! so much for back-up... hahahaha. you're the evil entity sitting on my right shoulder, and unfortunately i have no angel on my left...