Sunday, January 25

Got Milk?

Here's the training team's alpha she-male copping a self-feel while posing in front of a mysterious room at SM City, Cebu. Dreams may come true! Someday you and I might wake up and find Paulie doing the big bajiggle on the Ops floor. He says he's doing the hormones this year. I couldn't help myself.

Honestly, what goes on behind the blue shades? Are the lactating mothers whipping out their boobies and feeding the hungry? Strangely, we heard no baby-wailing. Shouldn't there be crying babies here? It's all very mysterious. I wanted to go in to see for myself, but sometimes the mysteries are better than reality.


Deoc2x said...

i think i know the person in the picture.

anyway, is that what i think it is? is that the place where mother's can feed their babies? cool. i guess we have it here now.

Anonymous said...

i cant seem to open the link! help!

-Mr. Moral, Because to read and watch free adult videos is a right wrong.