Tuesday, December 30

Today's Jukebox Single

Long Distance - Brandy

For the emotera in you. This one strikes a particularly ringing note with me. I think I like this one, for obvious reasons. Trite!

Alright, alright. I would like to dedicate this song to all the modern mail-order brides in the universe who spend most of their time in internet cafes. I am thinking of the one who modeled a leopard-print one-piece bathing suit in Aldea's internet cafe. (Chuck, thank you for the story, and the subsequently hilarious mental picture.) I'd also like to send this out to the 50-ish old lady I saw in Netfinity who was aiming the webcam at her cleavage. Happy New Year and best of luck!


illicracker said...

Obvi ang reason. But I like Brandy no matter what. She has a strong voice even when she sings live. I like how people just can't be private about taking self-portraits of their cleavage which screams particularly for sex. As long as they're not jacking off in the cafe, it's ok.