Thursday, December 25


I have a new child. It's metallic and pink. It's sleek and sexy. It fits in my pocket. I have named it Narcissus - after the egotistic, self-loving Greek youth who drowned himself because his reflection couldn't love him back. (Yes, it's nutty like that.) Guess what Narcissus does? I'll give you an Oreo cookie if you get it right.

People think it's pretentious (Illi) or stupid (Alex) to name one's things. True, I don't name everything in my closet, but I do name the ones that actually have to work for me. As in play me my music and take my pictures. I think they deserve names.

Wait, this isn't fair to my TV and my DVD player. What shall I name those two? They're always the traditionally forgotten ones, like the broom or the airconditioner. Maybe because they stay at home all the time and never really tag along with me?

UPDATE: I've decided to give it a last name, just to shake things up. Therefore from here on out, it shall be known as: Narcissus Bellavista. And here's the picture you wanted.


Anonymous said...

well, post a picture of the damned thing already!

illicracker said...

I didn't think it's pretentious. What were my exact words? I think you're going way too far. I'm not surprised because you named a wax figure Robert. LOL. Loved that. But what's next?

Nikka said...

you said pretentious. i remember it vividly. oh right.... hehehe. dear old bob.