Sunday, December 7

The Power of Cheap

Visited CD-R King earlier, needed to get another bluetooth adapter. Looks like my store of choice is now everyone's store of choice. The moment we get wind of a place where everything can be had for much much less, everyone will flock to get their piece of the action.

It doesn't help matters that each CD-R King branch is so ridiculously small, it's the equivalent of a sardine can. Everyone's squashed in like a group of penny-pinching techie wannabes all clamoring for equipment. Yes, yes. Me included. I need my pennies.

Crowds tend to give me an almost uncontrollable urge to scream. Sometimes when I'm out on the weekends (bad idea, but I have no choice) and there's just way too many people, I have to quash an urge to give in to temporary insanity and just start screaming at everyone in the building. I have this fantasy of barreling through the crowds, swinging my handbag at everyone, making them scatter.

(Yes, I have weird fantasies. The above one ranks right beside my other fantasy of doing intricate ballet moves in front of all and sundry, during the customary 3PM prayer that always happens in the department stores. Everyone stops moving. I keep wondering what would happen if I suddenly pirouette and twirl around everyone on my tiptoes. Would they move? What happens if I suddenly grab a piece of merchandise and run away? Would they break tradition and run after me?)

Where was I? Oh yes, CD-R King. It has everything but the kitchen sink... in fact, if they had a kitchen sink that could be connected to your PC via USB, they would probably be selling it too. It's a playground. It's also very gosh-darned tight. They're making so much money, you'd think they could afford to actually expand. Oh wait, they expanded in the SM Branch. And they have the same ridiculous bottle-necked set-up, forcing everyone to step over each other just to get a number and wait their turn. It's a claustrophobic, cheap, irritating set-up that has to be changed! Damn you, CD-R King! Damn you for making me need you!