Monday, December 8

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Britney Spears - Circus
Looks like Britney Spears seems to be on her way to recovering herself after the magnificently humiliating trainwreck that's been her life for the past few years. I still remember her as a bald loony attacking a car with an umbrella, but if she continues to release more good videos, hopefully our memories will fade.

All that being said, my Mnemosyne has another new song to chew on, and I'll probably play this into oblivion. I wonder what she did to get herself back in shape, but I'd like to have whatever she's having.

Rihanna - Rehab
I am also currently nuts about Rihanna's latest single; while I have nothing against the song, is it me or is she ubiquitous? How did this happen? The video looks like a photoshoot for some glossy fashion rag. Not sure how I feel about Justine Timberlakey's posturing in this one. He is forever having to make up for his years in a boyband. Like it was a crime or something. Seriously, Timberlake. Stop it.

Shontelle - T-shirt
Lastly, Shontelle's single brings out the emotera in me. This one is sweet, and I really have done this quite a few times. Just wore one of Alex's old t-shirts when I'm missing him. I can literally swim in them, and I love the scent he leaves on his shirts. Lame-o! I'm laughing at myself and my ridiculousness. Still, every diva/brat needs a soundtrack of the week, n'est ce pas?