Thursday, December 25

Happye Holidayes

It's the holidays and I'm psyched to be out of the big steaming pot o' pollution also known as La Sugbu! Almost two whole weeks! Whee!

I'm back in my hometown of Dumaguete and so happy I could squeak. Actually, I think I have a few times. It's just so surprisingly good to be back. Something inside me has been clamoring for a taste of home - for the comfort food I love: my mom's squash con gata, mango ice cream sandwiches, buko pandan, macaroni salad, fried fish. Having fun eating bongkawil. For the activities I miss doing: going to the tabo just off the Provincial Hospital premises, buying 1/4 kilo of tomatoes for php8, buying a bunch of bananas for php22. Lee Super Plaza. Cang's. The 2-for-1 combos at the movies (right now I'm waiting for the Nights in Rodanthe/Star Wars: Clone Wars combo, it's coming soon at Ultra Vision). Driving around, using my brother's souped up motorbike. Wind in my face. 99% less smokers. Tempura nights. Sans Rival.

They aren't kidding when they say there's no place like home. For some reason, the longing for being home was sharper for me this year. It's good, getting to obey the call. Merry Christmas, everybody!