Saturday, December 13


How did I miss this?! How? How? I'm racking my brain for reasons and answers... how could I have missed Simple Plan's latest album singles? Wiki tells me it's because it's mostly webcast, and I usually am online on weekends only. Yay! New Simple Plan material! This actually, shockingly, makes me want to go out and buy their CD.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Simple Plan. Partly because I enjoy their music - be it punk boy adolescent ridiculousness, or philanthropically driven, I love Simple Plan. It's also partly because Pierre, the lead singer, reminds me of Alex. Yay, Simple Plan! Looks like I found my soundtrack of the day.


illicracker said...

Did the lead singer geen weet? I don't understand why you still like them. He does look like Alex but their music ain't new. Reminds me of California so much and what is this video? Unsa man ni? Way lami! LOL

Nikka said...

Yep I think Pierre did... but who cares? Hehehe. Leave me alone, we can't all be avant-garde!

Anonymous said...

what happened to alex's twin at PS?