Thursday, October 2

From the heart

Underneath - Alanis Morrisette

Alanis Morissette should get broken up with more often. I know that sucks and is a cruel thing to say, but it makes her write good music. Then again, is it all seen in a new light because her ex-fiance married Scarlett Johansson? I'd be depressed, too. Maybe I'd spend some time kissing my toilet seat, crying in a corner and chugging down some cheap-ass Antonov vodka. Yeah I'd punish myself too if I let someone like Ryan Reynolds go, and realize he did the rebound thing with a blonde, pouty-lipped owner of double D's.

Then I'd get up and release a new album called Flavors of Entanglement. I like that title. It stands out, like Jagged Little Pill did. None of that Under Rug Swept madness.

This came out a couple months ago but I only just uploaded it today. Mnemosyne must be fed.