Thursday, October 9

Role Models

Caught a little Larry King Live earlier on CNN, and I have decided that Michelle Obama is my new hero. She's smart, savvy, calm under pressure, and she's a great dresser. I say vote Barack Obama! If a man like that can choose a woman like that, it shows he knows how to choose. I admire Michelle Obama for being different from Hilary Clinton, in that she doesn't seem politically hungry. She's just there for her man, but she has her own thing going on.

They keep comparing Barack Obama to JFK - the charisma, public speaking, it's like deja vu. True, the man is a sharp dresser and a great public speaker, but it's his wife who's got my attention ATM - she seems to be the complete anti-thesis of Jackie Kennedy. Yes, the Jackie-O lovers will probably stone me to death on this one, but she was more about looks, and anyone who's ok with a philandering husband loses points in my book. Michelle Obama looks like she won't put up with any sort of bullshit.

I can't wax too poetic since I've never been the most political person on earth - I could just be buying into the hype. Still, she certainly sounds like she knows what she's talking about. Way better than Sarah Palin, too.

When I grow up, I want to be Michelle Obama.


illicracker said...

After watching the entire interview of Michelle Obama I Youtubed Cindy McCain. Let me tell you Mrs. McCain doesn't have any ounce of greatness that Michelle Obama has. I'm sorry to say but her interviews lately doesn't make her fit as a first lady. She's too smug about something.

illicracker said...
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illicracker said...
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Robert said...

You wrote,
"I could just be buying into the hype."
You're are buying into the hype.
Charisma isn't always a good thing.....Hitler was voted into office because many Germans felt he had charisma.

Nikka said...

Hi Robert - wasn't talking about Obama, although I do prefer him over McCain. If there was a First Lady I'd prefer in the White House, I would want Michelle Obama.