Sunday, October 26

Sasha Fierce?

Beyonce now wants to be called Sasha Fierce. I'm sorry, hasn't this song-and-dance has been done before? Jennifer Lopez - J.Lo. Mariah Carey - Mimi. Most proficiently by Puff Daddy, who ended up so confused about what he wants to be called, he changes his name every week.

Besides, Sasha Fierce is way too transsexual. Why would anyone want to be called that? She sounds like a drag queen.

This reminds me of Chucky's tip #57: How to Make Your Own Drag Queen Name.

1. Think of the name of a deceased pet.
2. Add the name of the street on which you live.
3. Voila!

Based on the above, my drag queen name would be Pam South Sea. Or technically I grew up in the Silliman Campus, so would that be Pam Campus? Not draggy enough. I used another road close to where I used to live.

I am... Pam Rovira.