Saturday, October 18

Smooth and Silky

Viva the mantyhose!

I know the ladyboys are crowing with delight. Gender equality! A new millennium! The age of mantyhose is dawning.

I'm all for innovation, but what would make a man want to wear pantyhose? I'd get it if he had excessive scarring and was incredibly vain. I believe the only time it's acceptable for a man to wear stockings is if it's on his head and he's robbing a bank.

True, they were the rage a long time ago - 14th century France, or some such. Men wore hose and white stockings. To war.

This takes the cake.

I'm not that comfortable with a lot of hair, but a nice delineation between the sexes is good for me, thank you. I thought they'd gone overboard with the female condom - guess I was wrong.

Want to get a gander at/buy/ogle/get mantyhose? Go here.