Thursday, August 30

World Peace

Here's Miss South Carolina doing her best to screw up her chances for the crown of Miss Teen USA 2007. She's the internet's latest and greatest celebrity, and (arguably) a national embarassment.

Please, bitches. If you think her answer was worth all the public pillory, you really haven't been to the Philippines.

We've got "... representing the Engineering Building!" classic as a contender. That's got to beat all. Then there's Melanie Marquez's "my long legged legs" winning answer.

My internet sources tell me this is the full and direct quote:

“No, of course no, because I am proud and contented with my long-legged.”

- Melanie Marquez, in answer to whether or not she would insure her legs for a million bucks like Angie Dickinson did
We are the land of beauty pageants. Miss Gay Purok Lawa-an anyone? Mr. and Miss Kindergarten! We beauty pageantize everything we see! It's a cottage industry for the gays and the gay make-up artists and the bad costureras with sequins and taffeta. As such, we have had more of "I truly believe and I really strongly believe" in one month than all the first world countries put together can come up with in a year. And crazy answers like Miss South Carolina's are a dime a dozen.

Sadly, none of our own beauty pageant moments are captured to satisfy our voracious internet appetites (I haven't found any yet, anyway). So here's yet another ridiculous clip from a non-Filipino pageant night - this has got to be total genius. From the rocky shores of Hawaii to the beautiful sandy beaches of... Hawaii. What a winner.


illicracker said...

Good thing I don't watch pageants any more. I can't spend my time cringing in shame. Makaulaw uy! She was completely nervous and if I were her I'd obviously be swallowing my own spit as I do my monologue.