Sunday, August 5

Barely Clothed and Writhing

My, my, my. Curtis Jackson and Justin Timberlakey in a viddy together? Fiddy is totally capitalizing on Justin's current market value. I don't get why JT always has to go show he's all RnB and all that... sometimes he tries way too hard to be all tough and street credibled. I do like the song and I suppose it's sexy.

Will they ever have a decent video with no strippers? Seriously. How about midgets bumping uglies? Butterflies and cotton candy? It's strippers and strippers and oh yes, even more strippers. And throwing the dollaz around town, and etc. It's tired.

This just got released yesterday, so here goes. Ayo Technology (She Wants It) by 50 Cent, feat. Justin Timberlake. With the requisite Timbaland cameo. That man is in everything. Enjoy.


illicracker said...

Yeah seriously. Where are our favorite videographers. Knock knock. Mark Romanek? And the other guy named Lawrence. I don't think I like this song. Maybe because I'm obsessed with something way better than this.

illicracker said...
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