Friday, August 10

I Believe I Will Have Your Heart Roasted on a Spit

Watched Ratatouille with DJ yesterday. Heard a lot about it, mostly positive but refused to listen to any further details, since I didn't think a movie about a rat who cooks would be worth anything. Boy was I wrong.

How could a rat possibly make a good protagonist? Not even Remy, the cultured, refined genius rat chef could've convinced me in the trailer. Maybe I'm way too used to trailers giving away mostly everything (Filipino cinema, I'm talking to you) - or teasing, tantalizing trailers that ultimately make me watch a movie that is anything but satisfying. Not Ratatouille. The movie is uplifting, educational and a modern-day fable for class differences, life's obstacles, and having courage to do what one believes in.

It had great action sequences, wickedly witty dialogue - "If it's garbage, and no one wants it, then why are we stealing it?!" - perfect voice casting, and hilarious comic timing. Still, a rat is a rat is a rat. People who don't like rats may want to close their eyes during a few scenes. I do love the shotgun-wielding granny. That biznatch was hardcore (Pixar always comes up with these quirky side characters who steal the show. My personal favorite will always be Edna Mode, fashion designer for the Incredibles).

There's something to be said about going to a movie expecting absolutely nothing, and being pleasantly, awesomely surprised. Eating crow never tasted so good. Pixar deserves its reputation for well-made, awesomely told, animated movies.

Here's Lifted, an animated short from Pixar. Genius. Ay lav et.


illicracker said...

Pixar is great in its own way but it is not as dark and imaginative as Japanimation. Pixar is all about cuteness and technical perfection and maybe that's a turn off for me. I heard Ratatouille is typical Disney format so I'll just wait for it on DVD or better yet when I feel like it.

Dominique said...

Beyond the technical execution, what Pixar has over other American studios is good stories.