Thursday, August 30

Always Something There to Remind Me

Collectors items! I just thought the general public would like to know where all the 3 1/2 floppy disks went. I found these moldering away in a store window in the middle of God-knows-where, Mandaue City.

These mothers used to store all my school assignments and shizz. I felt so good and techy carrying them around in vibrant colors, yellow, pink and the like... and they used to cost a pretty penny and took forever to load up. The times, they are a-changing. Wait, no, they have a-changed. Fossils! Load the time capsule Scotty!


Dominique said...

I have more in the house, if you want. ;-)

All the recent computers I've bought, I just didn't bother installing a floppy drive anymore.

And just think: to get to the equivalent capacity of a 1GB USB flash disk, you'd have to get 700 of these buggers -- that's P4,200 at prevailing prices! (Compared with P1,000 for the flash disk....)