Saturday, August 25


Look at these beauties and their mugshots. Lovely. And to think just a year ago everyone was crazy over Paris Hilton's excruciatingly dumb single Stars are Blind. Blech.

I don't understand celebrity justice.

Nicole Richie, famously busted for driving under the influence, and generally being a drug-riddled, albeit fashionable, excuse for humanity gets in jail for less than a day (
82 minutes, to be exact) and that's considered punishment? On the basis of what, exactly? Because she's pregnant? Because she's a celebrity and would probably end up dead in jail? Shouldn't she have thought about that BEFORE getting all high and driving down the street the wrong way?

And Lindsay Lohan is going to get a measly day in jail for repeatedly getting caught with coke up her nose and her hands on a steering wheel. This girl has been caught on camera numerous times, the proof is there, and she gets off with a slap on the wrist? Why? Because she's issued a public mea culpa admitting to being an addicted coke-whore? What did this girl do, blow all the right people?

<- (Here's little Linds, stoned out of her damned mind, courtesy of

Paris Hilton must be so furious for not being able to blow enough people and ending up with 23 days in the clink.

I just don't get how such a flagrant display of avoiding public justice can go over easy in a country that holds their justice system up high. Who do they think they are, the Philippines?