Thursday, October 25


Spent the remainder of last Sunday with Abby at SM, pretty much just roaming around, wasting time and money. Weekends should be spent with your fun girlfriendsAt any rate, it was a happy day! Quickly is back! Now I can get my taro ice fix. Quickly used to be the main reason I'd go to SM, but they disappeared for a while and broke my heart. Something about a hard time with the stock. Lies! All is forgiven because now it's available again. I know Alex loves taro ice plain, but I love taro ice with chewy nata bits. I plan to return and try out the pudding.

That's got to be the sweetest-smelling horse on earth. Come to think of it, using this on humans is ridic. Isn't the shampoo enough? Everytime I see this, I think of really really sleek thoroughbred ponies.

And finally, the most *cough* unique *cough* ice cream to date. On the cheap! Get it while supplies last!