Friday, October 19

A Missionary

I think I want to watch this movie. Ryan Gosling is a great guy and I've always thought he was perfect in The Notebook. Now he gets to play a crazy with a sex doll for a girlfriend? A sex doll who's a ... missionary. Only the dumdums will never get the joke. Sources say it's Oscar material. Edgy. Me likey.

At any rate, this movie features a "Real Doll". These dolls are supposedly the closest thing to real - not your run-of-the-mill blow up dolls. Fact: on their site, one of the dolls is called Nika. Nika is an Asian type Real Doll. Don't look at me, they created the site.

Click here to go to the Real Doll website and get your kicks on. Don't thank me, sickos.