Saturday, October 27

Deck the Halls

Amp up the scary! Halloween is getting celebrated, big time. Work is a hodge-podge of themes, and may the best team win. I was never into the halloween much. Last year I didn't even obther because it was my day off. This time around, I've a partner in crime - Aileen - who is crazy enough to go along with my shenanigans. I like that girl. Witness our bout with camwhoration. Hopefully there'll be more come Monday. I plan to dress up as a drag queen.

Disclaimer: I know Illi, I know. I'm fat. It doesn't help being photographed next to Aileen, who looks like a 12-year old but eats like a horse. Heck I don't think I was that small when I was twelve. If I ate like a horse, I wouldn't look twelve, I'd look like a blimp.