Sunday, October 28

Paper Lurve

Origami porn alert! Turn away if you're squeamish. This is NSFW. I obviously had way too much to think about and my subconscious started rebelling.

Imogen arrived the other day and Cletus took to her like a duck does to water. Those two have been doing the nasty all over my desk, it's distracting. They won't quit! I've a video coming up - I just need to add the crazy synthesizer music. Imogen is a skanky piece of paper and Cletus is in love with her brand of perv. Shameless.

They also decided to involve Logitech in their fun. Paper gang bangs! Origami is a lovely lovely thing.

Trivia of the Day: the word origami comes from the Japanese "oru" (paper) and "kami" (fold).

Not to be outdone here's George, my new angel-
fish, who is happy swimming in his own area and doesn't give an eff. I seem to be doing a lot of the amphibians and water-dwellers. I'll start on the mammals soon enough, when I have the time. I love origami!


Bill Evasco said...

oh my god! the hardcore paper again!