Friday, October 26

Fold Me Now

Origami is my new therapy of choice. I got into it two days ago for an activity I had to facilitate, and I'm hooked. It's all I can seem to do. There's something about just folding paper into triangles that's soothing. With the current stuff I do at work, sometimes it helps just to let my mind drift and let my fingers do the talking. Um. It's not as nasty as that sounds, you sickos.

At any rate, I've mastered the basic hopping frog and the origami box. I'm loving Origami Instructions, it's great for stuff to do, and pretty easy to follow. Never thought I'd be into doing all the folding. It must be all the spare paper at work. I've currently also been able to do the more complicated blow-up frog, and it's a horny pink one indeed. It likes to hump my mouse. That's because it's lonely. I think I'm going to name him Cletus. Tomorrow, Cletus shall have his green ladylove, Imogen. And then maybe he can stop raping my poor mouse, who is called Logitech. Incidentally, Logitech is a guy.