Thursday, September 20

Old Farts

Okay, now we know they really are serious about it. The Sex and the City Movie is coming to a theater near you in 2008! Yeah, unless they change their minds and decide to go straight to DVD. This will probably be one of those summer "blockbuster" things... Carrie Bradshaw will suddenly reveal herself as a fashionable spy and Mugatu's henchwoman. Right. I'm raving.

Here's SJP and Chris Noth from what is supposed to be the first publicity still from the SATC movie. Hmm. The magic doesn't seem to be there - that Eiffel Tower handbag looks like a heavy weapon for potential burglars. And the getup looks like it's trying too hard. Age is a bitch. I don't like.

I still think it's too late for resuscitation and has a 70% chance of being a flop, but hey those ladies need to make a living! More money for La Prairie cosmetiques and dead baby enzymes for youthfulness.

All that aside, I really did love the show, so I will probably watch this thing even if it's a mess.