Friday, September 7


Other than the Manny sighting, this week has been blah. I got myself published in yesterday's Cebu Daily News, but it's been a slow news week. Even Ang Playboy has failed to cheer me up and no Headline Porn™ in sight.

The one bright - if you can call it that - spot in this week is my accidental hot pot inferno. I can't find a picture of what I had on the interweb so if you're not Filipino or you haven't been here and lived in a dorm you won't know what it looks like. Basically it's cheap and you plug it in and put water in it and it boils. Great for cooking instant noodles.

Anyway I'd filled it halfway with oil so I could deep fry some shrimp tempura as lunch, and ended up leaving it alone too long. When I got back, the whole thing was smoking and smelled like burnt plastic. Hmm. Then I took the cover off and then this weird *pop* happened, and the whole pot was engulfed in flames. Apparently the oil inside was too hot.

Made in China!

Oh, well. I know, I know, shouldn't have used it to fry things.. blah blah blah...

I think I'll just buy myself a new one. You can't be Pinoy and live away from home if you don't own a hot pot. Made in China. P135 at your local UniTop.


Dominique said...

Well, thank goodness you weren't burned.

Lucky Me! Pancit Canton...P7.00

Unitop Chinese hot pot (with lead based paint)...P135.00

Nikka Jow...Priceless.

Nikka said...

LOL! Yes, it's a good thing. For a moment I did have a scary feeling about the house and it's future... Thanks, Dom. :)