Friday, September 14

Excuses and Alibis

Where have I been, you ask? Partying! AHAHAHAHAHAAH! So.. uh.. yeah. Right, that and vork, vork, vork. Anyway! Here's evidence of the party that went down last week:

Yeah. The children of the ... um... the children. Partying. Like there was no tomorrow. Big props to my sweet
i-stateside cousin Mariel for picking out my top. This was VicFel's going away party (that's the girl wearing a silver cherry pendant right next to moi) and everyone wanted to make sure he knew what the heck he was leaving behind when he jumps on that darned bus.

And there's Chuck and me, feeding the camwhorational frenzy, as usual. Had a great time that night, didn't spend a single red cent. It's always nice when someone else picks up the tab.

This week left me way
too exhausted to even go online anymore. But all that has passed and your Main Wagger™ is back. Again. For I don't really know how long... hey it's not like I'm paid to come on here and write... okay people, that's a hint. Yes, I'm a starving artiste - I like money too.

I gotta get me a PayPal account. *toddles off*