Tuesday, September 4

Celebrity Sighting, 01

Pacquiao sighting alert! I saw Manny P. yesterday. He was jogging past all by his lonesome, rocking some hardcore grey sweats - couldn't tell if it was No Fear Gear (which he hawks, endlessly) and a knit cap. First thought: wow, I'm looking at a famous person. Second thought: man, he's tiny. Third thought: where are his bodyguards and the paparazzi?

I couldn't get his picture, so short of running after him in turquoise slingback heels screaming "Manny! I want your picture!" I decided to take a picture of where he passed. Because, y'know, it's for posterity. I know. I'm a freak.

I guess it's a good thing Abby and I happened to be doing a breakfast at IT Park (I haven't seen that girl in ages. She got thinner. Curses!).

So yes, the newsbits are true and Manny's in La Sugbu doing his daily morning workouts in IT Park. Except he's going back to the US - his coach keeps bitching about rabid fans taking pictures and stuff. Well what did he expect? This is La Sugbu, people here love to gawk, gawk, gawk. Plus, his ward is the Princess Di of Philippine boxing, for crying out loud.