Thursday, September 20

Fruits and Fruits

Look at all that beauty. Lansones, biznatches. 'Tis the season! Get yours while you can!

All week I did nothing but buy bags of this, eating it until my fingers turned brown and smelled like tree sap. I look like a nicotine freak. Yes, yes, I know. Not supposed to be pigging out, but this is Vitamin C and non-fat! Good, guiltless fun. Err, I think. How many calories does this fruit have, anyway?

Fruit is good carbs and blah blah blah, whatever, it's just nice to take something home that's sweet and eat it and not feel guilty. This is my current snack of choice. Yay, lansones.

There's this legend about the fruit, how they used to be really poisonous until a good fairy came down and pinched the fruit. It made the fruit go sweet, the townspeople happy, and explains why everytime you open up the fruit there are pinch marks inside. Say what you want about Filipinos, we've come up with some pretty damn good notions of why things are the way they are.

Speaking of fruits, guess who just got himself a pass to visit all the countries on the map to the right?


That's fifteen countries - Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Watch out, Mykonos! Chucky will infiltrate and be infiltrated! Err... yeah! He'll take pictures, of course.

Aargh!!! I'm so damn jealous! I'm so happy for that ho, and so frigging jealous for myself! Grrrrrrr! At this rate I'll be the proxy person who gets left behind to man the fort. Illi left, then Georgie left, now Chucky is leaving! How can I be the token fag hag if I'm all alone? I'm so angry right now. I refuse this responsibility. Keep your keys to the Philippines. My passport seriously needs some action. The thing just sits on its side, not getting any stamp love. Anybody want to buy me a ticket to somewhere? Timbuktu, anything. I'll go.