Tuesday, September 23


Just got done reading and watching "The Other Boleyn Girl" by Philippa Gregory. It's escapist drivel rooted in real events, the romanticized vision of what possibly happened in the heyday of pre-Protestant England. It's very well-written, so well-written it's got some Anne Boleyn fanatics in an uproar, saying Philippa's gone too far with her description of Queen Anne as a grasping, ambitious bitch.

I watched the movie before I read the book. Eric Bana? Enough said. This is the cutest he's looked since Troy.

Up next: Atonement. I'm waiting for Abby to fork over her copy of Ian McEwan's story of love and passion, as well as the corresponding DVD. We're planning a drop; she gets my Boleyn book and the corresponding DVD as well.

Read the book, watch the corresponding movie. Or vice versa. I prefer to read the book first though. Source material should always go first. I did this for Lord of the Rings. The first Harry Potter movie made me want the series. I'm waiting for the J.R. Ward vampire romance series to hit the screen but I'll probably be 40 when this happens.