Tuesday, September 23


So yes, paperwork has to be done, people need to be told and ID's need to be changed. It's all a headache really, and goes to show you don't get married unless you really love the person, because it's a total pain in the backside to go through all the legalities of changing stuff. Still, one tries to find light in the darkest corners.


Behold, exhibit A. This is the SSS form used for updating one's status. (Tells the government you're married). Why did it catch my eye? Because of this:


HAHAHAHAH! "Defendent." You have to tell them if anyone is "defending" on you. It's juvenile, I know. But this is a government form! An official government form, everyone fills this out, it's standard across the nation. What, no one hit F7 for spell-check before taking this to the printers?

It's established. We aren't going to pot... we are IN the pot.