Saturday, September 20

All for Love

Cebu Pacific offers zero fares! Yes, fly domestic and pay nothing. Free! Free! Free!

Why? Apparently we've made the carrier number one in the country and they're so happy they could pop. You get to travel up to December 21 of this year, but here's the catch: you only have today and tomorrow to book it.

Imagine the results. Chaos and anarchy all over the ops floor when this thing went live earlier today! Everyone was booking! Deanie led the mad rush to book, and was literally all over the trainer's area egging us on. Poor Jetty barely had time to get settled after arriving, and five minutes later he was on the phone to JV the boyfriend ("what's your birthday? Quick! I'm booking fares!") and was the proud owner of a free ticket minutes later. What a morning.

I booked for my family, too. Hey, it's free. If you had to get these fares live and in person, someone would've died in the stampede. As it is, it's a mad online rush, I wonder how Cebu Pacific's site can stand the traffic. Then again, maybe this is the point.

I couldn't resist taking a screenshot of their main ad on the website. Speaks volumes, si?


Think they went over the ad before they released it online? I was laughing my ass off when I saw this. Too precious for words. Is it an intentional dig at a nation that will stop at nothing to get freebies?

I'm waiting for the catch to reveal itself though, because something tells me Cebu Pacific is going to be laughing their way home to the bank on this one. Somehow. I just know it.