Wednesday, September 10


For the most part, boobs are mounds of flesh under a certain level of concealment. Sometimes they're fully concealed, as in under a t-shirt. Sometimes they're popping out, as in low cleavage. Then there's the "side boob". Or the "under-boob".

I really do think it's ridiculous, the way society views boobs. The main component of a boob is the fleshy, hilly part of it. The part that bulges out nicely. Still, no matter how much flesh is popping out, it's still a clothed boob. The only time it's a scandal is when the nipple is showing. Apparently the appearance of the nipple makes it a naked boob.

What's with that? The nipple is the tiniest part! The cherry on the sundae, so to speak. The remaining 10 percent. Pasties could be the only thing separating your nipple from the rest of the world, and you're still not considered naked?! 90% of your chest is on display! Who cares about the remaining 10 percent?

We seriously need to reassess this.