Sunday, May 4

Stark Raving Amazing

Watched Iron Man today, my brother Luke in tow. Miss Paulie decided to grace the movie with his glittering presence as well, so it was quite the little outing.

I realized I didn't even see the trailer for this movie. I know! Unthinkable, in this day and age of YouTube and constant propaganda; I suppose I have been a little too busy these days. Still, I'd known Robert Downey, Jr. was to play Iron Man/Tony Stark; seen the leaked pictures from the movie. Never a big fan of Downey (I don't think I've ever seen him in a movie before), and I didn't like the idea that Gwyneth Paltrow was in the movie as well.

Glad I went though - it just flat-out rocked. Iron Man is now my favorite Marvel superhero movie of all time. Hands down. Downey is the hotness! The absolute hotness. And the man can act.

Luke was pleased and promptly advised me that the movie apparently stayed true to the story of Tony Stark and Iron Man. Even if I hadn't known that fact, I'd still be completely blown away. You all have to WATCH. IT. NOW!!!!

In other related news, my brother is in town for a tennis camp and will be staying for about a month. It's nice to have him around. Even if we don't see each other too often. It's debilitating, money-wise though; it's like paying double for everything I do. Like eat. But it's not everyday he's in town anyway.