Monday, May 12

Beach Bunny

Spent the better part of yesterday hitting the beach with the rest of my work buddies. Yes, the annual summer outing of PeopleSupport. I ended up going because they made me. This is of course a weak and pathetic excuse - sometimes I find myself without a backbone, and I end up going because everyone goes.

Alright, fine, I wanted to. There. I said it. Scandal! Miss Nikka hits the beach after two years of studied avoidance!

I had a better time than I thought I would. It rained like a biznatch in the middle of the whole to-do though, but it wasn't so bad. There was a boatload of food (I think they were making up for the food shortage that happened at last year's Christmas Party), some fun music, and good times because the gay community was out and about!

It's always fun with the gay boys, girls and twinkies of PS. Strutting their stuff and making it rain. You know they can do it. Rain-making dances and all.

I'll write more about this when I have the time. In related news, I have finally validated the fact that I am the biggest fag hag on earth. Wait till I upload the picture of me camping it up in the middle of all the marvelously beautiful ladyboys. Coming soon!


Dominique said...

What? A "beach bunny" post without any pictures? What a letdown! :-)